Leeds Abbey Dash 10k 2013 – McCarthy: 32:56

When you don’t appreciate a PB – is it time to stop?

That’s been my overwhelming feeling today following my fastest ever run over 10k. ‘Get over yourself’, said MKL.

Setting off at 5.45am loaded with Coffee, Toast and Beetroot Shots, Beetroot Shits and Beetroot basically coming out of my eyes, we were along way down the road from August when we ran the Stratford 3k in around 3:10-12 per K, we were after 10 at 3:15 today. The M1 was quiet and the air was still, meanwhile in the car there were some odd noises and the air was violently black and thick, damn Beetroot mixed with a Chicken Biryani last night, how odd it was going to a BYOB the night before a race with copious amounts of pre race nerves instead of the obligatort 8 pints of lager – anyway that’s for another day.

After a bit of a warm up and a few strides things felt average, the big race feeling wasn’t there. We gathered for the new filter to the start and spent nearly 20 minutes almost stationary ending up at least 30 metres off the start and trapped behind every man and his dog, including my Dad who was hoping to break 40 minutes. This wasn’t right.

The gun went and 17 seconds later we crossed the line and by this point we were stuck in the mass of fun runners and people hoping for respectable but slower times, times that would slow us down anyway as we tried to get awat. We had come here for a fast paced race and the hope of packing in with a group for the first 6k or so. This wasn’t right.

I could tell Simkiss wasn’t quite right either. We passed the first K around 10 seconds down, having just passed my Dad and a few teammates. This wasn’t right.

Through 2k, 3k, 4k, I was still pulling the pace along with Simkiss a pace or two behind, worryingly I did notice the smallest of gaps occasionally, what was going on? We hit 5k in 16:33, disaster. I was expecting around 16:05-16:10, having run here twice before I wanted to go out hard and hang on as I knew the second half played out quicker. As we turned at 5k Simkiss finally came to life and led me on then to 6.4k where he pushed on, happy to be still clawing back the pace I maintained the 5:15 pace but couldn’t push on, losing 21 seconds to Simkiss over the next 2 miles.

Looking back at my splits it was actually the 5th mile where my concentration wavered and I lost the most time, not the first two miles when we were overtaking people on mass. I still think that was where the chance to hit 32:30 was lost as I think finding a group and being pulled through 5k in a PB on two previous occasions at Leeds has been what has delivered huge PB jumps in the past. I would have wanted to have 6-10 seconds in the bag through 2 miles. Passing through 5k in that time was a disaster and shows how impressive Simkiss ran in the second half to claw it back and finish only 5 seconds off our target.

So is it time to stop? Stop being so fucking dramatic.

‘Get over yourself’.

Disappointed with a PB?

That’s not right.


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