Alf Tupper: “Alf Tupper was a fictional working class, “hard as nails” runner, whose adventures appeared in first The Rover and then The Victor, British boys’ comics from D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd. His adventures appeared over almost a 40-year period, under the title The Tough of the Track.”


Ron Hill: “Ronald (Ron) Hill MBE: (born 25 September 1938 in Accrington, Lancashire), is an English former runner and clothing entrepreneur. He was the second man to break 2:10 in the marathon; he set world records at four other distances, but never laid claim to the marathon world record. He has run two Olympic Marathons (Tokyo 1964 and Munich 1972), and has a personal marathon record of 2:09:28. In 1970, Hill won the 74th Boston Marathon in a course record 2:10:30. He also won gold medals for the marathon at the European Championships in 1969 and the Commonwealth Games in 1970.”C_71_article_1587392_image_list_image_list_item_0_image-662975

John Tarrant: “John Tarrant (1932–1975) was an English long-distance runner, nicknamed “The Ghost Runner” for his habit of gatecrashing races from which he was barred due to his ‘non-amateur’ status, acquired during a brief career as a teenage prize-fighter.” John_Tarrant


Mervyn Ward: “Mervyn is a finance man from Warrington. He likes fine local ales and he despises people who run slowly, having developed a tendency to push them over.”




Ron Hill at Brighton Marathon 2012



Steve Jones 1984 WR



Steve Jones 1985



Bikila 1960



Tokyo Olympiad



Zatopek Helsinki



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  1. Excellent site but would love to have some more details about Mervyn Ward as he is a legend in the grimy north west of England – perhaps I could share some tales with you?

      • Going back 20 years, Merv’s favourite track session was 30 x 200m. We used to do this together on an old cinder track in Warrington every Saturday morning without fail for many years. He would swear by this session and we’d aim to run the 200’s between 29 – 32 seconds with a jog recovery back diagonally across the track. By the end of the session we’d be practically racing each other and it was last man standing. This year Mervyn decided that this session was what was missing from our training – “We’re not training hard enough – no one ever throws up anymore” was typical of his complaint – so he introduced it back in the summer (admittedly less reps though). Coincidentally he’s had his best year of running for years with age group wins in distances from 5K to 1/2 marathon.

        Oh yes, just remembered that the 30 x 200m had to be run straight off – no breaks.

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