Horton 6 – Simkiss is (not quite) back! …(again)

At the risk of spamming followers with such regular posts, we’re pleased to bring you a race report from the weekend…

With the hump of the house renovation well and truly humped, and with a pleasing London Marathon campaign now all but forgotten, Simkiss was at least ticking over with regular 4mi easy runs, and the occasional parkrun and/or longer run. 2-3 months seemed a perfect amount of time to start to build, shed some weight, and sharpen up a little bit to get ready for some lowkey races, and so the ‘Hornton 6’ was entered.

After what felt like a fortnight later, race day was upon us. With a barrage of top notch excuses pulled from the ‘Amateur Runners Handbook‘, training was of course below par, but fairly regular 4mi easy runs had been maintained, and with a weightloss goal of 1stone, Simkiss now only has 16lbs left to achieve his target!

Hornton 6 was a very local race for Simkiss, located in a neighbouring village. The area is quite hilly, but didn’t look that hilly… particularly to anyone who’s run @Ilmington before. Absolutely no pressure to perform or achieve a result, until last years results were read and Simkiss dared to think “perhaps those regular 4mi easy runs will have benefited me more than I’d previously thought”.

When asked for a report Simkiss sent the following clip (from 0:29) to summarise the race:

Whether it was the lack of race specific training, or the 8hrs spent wiring in the loft and drylining a room in the house earlier in the day, the pure ecstasy of running experienced as the race started was obliterated by the 10% climb a few hundred meters in. Simkiss started going backward, and despite gaining a place or two back once back on the flat and downhill that followed, “It’s been a long time since I reached the 1mile marker in a race and thought ‘oh f#ck… still 5miles to go!'” Simkiss said. 5miles of gurning, hips dropping, knees knocking and thighs clapping later it was over. The target of a top ten finish was achieved… somehow.

Barry Cornelius was on hand to take race photos, worryingly, an effort was made to improve running form in order to look good for the camera.

Photo’s 0.5mi in…
48332751091_b12581ca1a_k 48332888807_fb0e5f9e6f_k 48332889622_e44feac56a_k

Photo’s 3.35mi in…
48333100892_6c3483af22_k 48332963776_787abb91d0_k(all photos by Barry Cornelius)

One to return to in future years… if a proper comeback ever actually happens! Or highly recommended if you’re one of those fortunate enough to be built like a runner, or enjoy hills!

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