Godiva Autumnal 5 2016

With Marathon training in full flow, 3 of the McCarkiss lot made plans to run the Godiva 5 at memorial park… actually 2 made plans, and Simkiss the sheep followed with a plan of including the race as part of his long training session for the day (a plan which failed miserably).

Adcock is still on the comeback trail and was aiming to break 27mins, Jordan had been showing fine form in training sessions though would the fatigue of his 1000+ miles in 10 weeks leave him wanting? Simkiss too had been hitting the high (but not quite so high) mileage with around 90 mile weeks – and was targeting around a 5:25/mi (threshold-ish) pace for the race, which would bring him in around 27mins.

After an endless pre race monologue from the race director, runners were awakened by the starting whistle, as the crowds charged forwards Simkiss was left standing, his legs firmly cemented into the ground and going nowhere.

Godiva Trio lead it out - Can you spot our McCarkiss Boys?

Godiva Trio lead it out – Can you spot all 3 of our McCarkiss Boys?

Gradually the ball starting rolling and our oil tanker began to gain momentum. Whilst the three musketeers of Godiva (Spencer, Speed & Smith) sped off, accompanied by Leicester’s own u17 triathlon prodigy Ben Djikstra and Godiva’s Oliver Paulin and followed by MCKEP’s Jordan (wearing his Leicester Coronation Chicken vest), Matty Adcock (dressed correctly), a handful of the usual WRRL suspects from Kenilworth et al, and eventually Simkiss, in his silly short shorts.

The whole race was a remarkably uneventful affair as by mile 1 the finishing positions were all but decided. Jordan ticked through to 3 miles in 15:30 with comeback man Adcock holding on behind whilst Simkiss had tempo’d at 5:20 pace having got caught up in the race a little more than he’d intended. By 4 miles the slight undulations (some would claim ‘hilly’) took a toll, leaving a 5:25 needed for Jordan to break 26 mins. Speed of Coventry had dropped back and been gobbled up by Madcock, and Smith was running solo in 3rd keeping one eye on the distant chasing Jordan.

Jordan came in to a call of ’59’ from the timekeeper as he crossed the line, putting him a whisker under 26mins (25:59) in 4th. Adcock waltzed in in 5th, showing the comeback really is on now, and Simkiss had pulled his finger out to surge with half a mile to go to overhaul the insurmountable gap to Rich White and ultimately beat him by 9 seconds, finishing 7th behind Speed of Godiva.

Leicester man Djikstra had nicked the victory from local speedster Toby Spencer, something that Simkiss was (genuinely) unaware of when he congratulated Spencer on the victory. An in form Ali Smith relinquished top spot for the first time in the Warwickshire Road Race League (we think, having done no investigative work to look into this) clocking a solid performance of 25:37 to finish third.

All photos courtesy of Tim Nunan, who regularly gives his time to photograph local sporting events and upload his pics for all to see at no charge – thanks Tim!

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