Final Week Panic for Simkiss as Operation Big Smoke Nears Climax

Doesn’t time grind when you’re nervous about a niggle?

Following the Midland Road Relays, I was tired and achey – but continued to plod through the planned runs for Monday 17th March, with some discomfort… the next day (Tuesday 18th) I was struck down with broken-ankle syndrome – no fractures involved of course but a lot of soreness around the inner portion of my left leg achilles/lower calf. I rested, sent an SOS message to MCKEPs sports therapist, and spent another day resting (and installing another kitchen) – all of which saw me back on the road by Thursday completely niggle free.

McCarthy said at this time (paraphrased) “at this point we’re done for London – and all focus needs to be on making it to the start line in one piece”. I scoffed at this – knowing the level of training I’d been handling, and given how swiftly I’d recovered from broken ankle syndrome. Well, the weekend after that niggle I ran Stanford Half Marathon as part of a 20miler – and it’s that event which I have traced back to being the start of my VLM demise and now, a frantic panic. My training diary since then reads as follows:

24-Mar Easy 12 (very achey legs)
25-Mar AM: 4.3 , PM:7.9. Unenjoyable runs with notable DOMS
26-Mar Day originally abandoned as felt awful (achey legs), managed to salvage a couple of shorter runs though. AM 3, PM5.3
27-Mar 4mi,3.5mi,2mi @ 5:25/mi target (0.75,0.5mi rest) + Warmup + Cooldown -12mi
28-Mar AM 4.1 easy
PM Abandoned… tightness in upper leg.
29-Mar Parkrun & Extended cooldown – 9.9mi
30-Mar Shit got cray. (i.e. real life got in the way of running)
31-Mar AM 5.7 – tight arse
PM Sports Massage – agony!
01-Apr AM Failed effort – arse battered after sports massage
PM 7.4 @ 6:06
02-Apr 12mi – Glute med & hips niggling in early miles, settled a little around 4-6mi, felt fine from 7mi onwards, just tight hips remained. Followed with strength.
03-Apr AM – 4.5mi, felt ‘okay’… bit niggly… felt okay afterwards.
PM – 8.5mi, Felt sore at start, though eased off as run progressed. Take tomorrow morning off I think.
04-Apr REST
05-Apr National Road Relay – Arse sore – warmup too short and niggle sore to start and felt ‘dead’ throughout – Run went brilliantly though. Faster than midlands with less effort. 11.6 total.
06-Apr Demi-Field Run with McCarthy. Achey hip saga continues – 10mi
07-Apr Planned 8 – cut short as hobbling excessively early in run – managed to get round with occaisional stops to stretch. Then had sports massage (painful). Convinced it’s not an ‘injury’ – just areas of excessive tightness. But its stopping me from running!!! 5.7mi
08-Apr REST DAY – committed to total rest after last night’s sports massage – Paul hit all the right spots but hip/arse feels awful today. Will stretch this evening. FINGERS FIRMLY CROSSED!
09-Apr No Running – More Stretching, Icing, worrying – VLM Expo. Feel like I should be ready for a trot tomorrow.I DID go Aqua Jogging though – 50mins in the pool (PM) – no ill effects.

So the past 72hrs have been more or less a constant panic as to whether I’ll make it to the start line on Sunday. Whilst logic and sense says I’ll be fine, and things are getting better all the time – when you’re thinking about it virtually every second of every day, it’s not fun. No fun at all in fact – even the joy of McCarthy moaning about his lack of carbs whilst in London yesterday struggling to take my mind off it.

So… given that I’m planning to do a little run later – do I feel completely niggle free? No…
Do I expect to travel to London completely niggle free? Maybe…
Do I intend to line up on Sunday regardless? Yes…

Should I launch another emergency flare and send an emergency distress call to Paul again? Well that gives me something to ponder for the rest of the day.

Funny how the plan should end similar to how it started… i.e. with unecessary frantic panic: London’s Burning for @teamsimkiss

Simkiss treads water and sends out the distress signal.

Simkiss treads water and sends out the distress signal.

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