Feature: What Northern people are bothered about

The McCarkiss Elite Project are proud to launch their new ‘regular’ feature entitled, ‘What Northern people are bothered about’. This randomly published feature will give an insight to Northern life for our predominantly Southern softy readership and hopefully give more of an understanding as to why Nothern people make ‘raight good runners’.

‘What Northern people are bothered about’ has nothing to do with running, instead it explains why Northerners make better runners due to their obsession with mundane, boring, irrelevant yet somehow interesting issues which we can all relate with.

Our first insight comes from Kathy of Gorse Covert, it clearly demonstrates why ‘the Northerner’ decides to go for a run and escape the mundane and depressing life that is ,’Northern life’.


For this special launch edition we have a double header, a great article covering off some Aldi action.

photo (8)


Stay tuned for more fantastic Northern news.

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