Exclusive: McCarthy misses out on ‘honourable mention’

It’s the Friday after the monthly committee meeting, the day when the MCKEP admin team await the confirmation of McCarthy’s monthly honourable mention, but not this month.

The friendly, beautiful and intelligent Kenilworth runners committee have finally awarded McCarthy the coveted Runner Of The Month award.  Whilst many believe it is long overdue, the MCKEP PR department were keen to proclaim the awarding to McCarthy as an admittance by the committee of the error of their ways for every other award that he didn’t win.

Millions flock to Macca to congratulate him

Millions flock to Macca to congratulate him

Chairman Peter Bryan who is in no way related to MCKEP bookmaker Peter Power announced the news.

The famous Woody Allen quote about 80% of success is just showing up, or a favourite of mine about the fisherman who keeps throwing his hook back into the water……..it’s that time when we announce the outcome of the Committee’s deliberations on Runner of the Month. I never thought it would happen, but the winner is Chris McCarthy.

Perennial nearly man, recipient of numerous ‘Honourable mentions’, previous holder of the ‘hardest drinker in the club’ until Nathan Green joined, the makeweight in the McCarkiss Project is finally blossoming into the fine athlete we always suspected he could be. Now officially quicker than his training partner, who it has to be said, has had a wedding on his mind most of this year, McCarthy has also gained his first KR club record with a blistering run of 70.30 at the Wirral Half Marathon in October. I fully expected the Siggers machine to wrest the record back a week later at Birmingham, but it didn’t happen.

So we are left with McCarthy, even showing some interest in running XC, (hopefully remembering that you have to wear your club vest for this one, Chris). I know how much this honour will mean to him & worryingly, how much material this will potentially provide for the McCarkiss blog

Well done Chris, top 20 at Newbold but if not I will still let the moths out of my wallet and buy you a pint.

With McCarthy confirming his XC selection availability only hours before the award was announced, rumour that there had been a late U turn on the initial decision of Nathan Green has been strongly denied. Green was unavailable for comment, he was available, he was just still incoherent having not recovered from his birthday celebrations 6 days ago.

Credit has to go to McCarthy s coach, McCarthy Senior, who throughout the whole injury crisis not once veered from the stance that McCarthy should just get on with it and stop moaning.

The scenes in the town of MCKEP were amazing…



Simkiss added;

What a week this has been, firstly my marriage then my honeymoon and then the happiest day of my life, McCarthy finally getting the recognition he deserves. I’ve been honeymooning in the middle of nowhere with no phone signal but I got this warm tingly feeling down my left hand side and I just knew he’d won it, or I was having early signs of a heart attack. It turns out I was just leaning on the radiator.

I mean, I’m good, I’m very good actually, but that boy McCarthy is something special. Not 4 months ago we were drunkenly running around Bristol City Centre at 3am singing ‘we’re just too good for you’, now he’s just too good for me. I cancelled my honeymoon so I can also run at Leamington and lead the tunnel of applause / guard of honour / buy the first pint for McCarthy as he enters the tent.

He owes it all to Kyza.

In a rare moment of graciousness, McCarthy added.

“About fucking time”.

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