Exclusive: McCarkiss Elite Athlete to come out of closet

With the internet in meltdown following revelations of the non news story that an England player likes to play long balls into the box, (play behind the back four, play a zonal system, plays through the channel: just a few of my favourites from that there Twitter) we thought it imperative to confirm the internet rumour of a similar story stemming from the MCKEP camp.

In this Sunday’s Sun on Sunday, also known as the News of the World with shit make up on, the football news will be broken, we can confirm the official rights to the MCKEP reveal has been offered exclusively to Paul Okey of the Leamington Courier who is currently struggling to fit the News in between an article on parking issues in Leamington and a 50 stone man sitting in beans for Sport Relief.

An exclusive excerpt can be seen below:

‘I have decided to come out of the closet as I feel the time is right, it’s been a dark time in here and I’ve been shrouded in a veil, if you like, that I just don’t need, in fact I don’t know where it came from. I hope I will be pushing on an open door and once I step out anyone else who is ‘in the wardrobe’ can take this step. It is a small space to be in and very lonely and I am pleased to be able to finally have some daylight


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