Exclusive: Kenilworth Runners Logo Design Leak

Your favourite source for running related guff has got its hands on yet another exclusive from the local running scene. Ivor Smallcock, the very same reporter that brought you other famous Kenilworth Runners’ exclusives such as “Phil Gould : my post op hell”, the earth shattering interview entitled, “I may be ‘Broadbent’ but I’m slender and straight” and the all time top ranking story on the MCKEP website that no-one could believe was true, “Chairman Pete recruits McCarthy from Tipton”, reports….

“I was tipped off by a small child with no fingers who claimed to have been approached by someone on the Kenilworth Committee to talk about a new club logo.

Not willing to give away the identity of the committee member we shall use the name Symon Motterhead.

Symon approached the child with no fingers (who incidentally attends a school for children who are colour blind and have no functioning ability to draw or put together shapes) to commission the logo that was to strictly keep the emphasis on the fact there is a castle in Kenilworth. I didn’t believe it at first but apparently that pile of rubble is actually still being sold as a castle to the average tourist, erm, Warwick, Castle, anyone? The end result is shown below and as you can tell, even for someone with no fingers, sense of colour or shapes it is still a terrible effort.

The story goes that at the next committee meeting, Symon was ridiculed for his attempt at refreshing the logo and was given 40 whips by Chairman Pete with his tickle stick. After much deliberation, cake and stories regaling the most scenic parkruns around, another member decided to build on the initial draft created by the child with no fingers, sense of colour or shapes. Dean Pottifer (not real name) took up the challenge but he accidentally kicked a bucket of white emulsion over the logo…


The next committee meeting saw more of the tickle stick and logo discussions were descending into chaos before runner of the month for September 2014 (might as well get that in early….) Andrew Siggers arrived with a fresh Apple Pie to pitch for the October runner of the month award. He was duly given the award as well as November 2015 and August 2016.
After what can only be described as ‘a scene from American Pie’, the decision was taken to employ the marketing company that was behind the London 2012 logo.

A poll of the membership came in with 90% of the members being in favour of keeping the old logo but the decision had already been made and the company were given the brief to design something that fitted in with the ethos of the club.”

After some underhand tactics, mainly involving the trading of cake and coffee, the McCarkiss Elite Project are displeased to be able to leak the final design that the committee are due to go with.


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