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This weekend marks a big occasion for the project, a turning point in the athletic career of Simkiss. He is taking part in what can only be described as an obstacle course fun run, a clear sign that he has finally accepted that he is past his peak and he will never surpass his 1:12:01 half marathon time (distinctly average in comparison to a 1:10:30). In other words, Simkiss will become ‘Richard’, this weekend.

Former runner, Richard, will be competing in a two man team along with Pete (the star of our famous competition) who is now known as Peter since he also retired from proper running to pursue a hobby / past time / generic leisure activity called Triathlon.

Following on from such ridiculous events as ‘Mud Runner’, ‘Tough Mudder’ and the most ridiculous event, ‘The Wolf Run’, Peter and Richard will be competing playing at an event called the ‘Adventure Challenge Series’, unlike the aforementioned ridiculous events there is a rumour on the HTML, JAVA, CSS and other programming message boards, used by people that have names like Peter, Richard, Clive and Derek, that this event may actually record a finish time for people.

The hobby itself is a well measured and accurate trio of events consisting of;

10km+ of multi-terrain adventure running, off-road and not all in one go, before up to 25km of stunning mountain bike tracks and trails…..

At this point you would be thinking, ‘I hope they will test me on the water too’. Don’t worry….

We’ll test you on water too – don’t worry, we provide all the gear…..

This sounds too much fun, can there be more? Is there a limit on how much fun we can have?

We’ve a few more surprises for you with one or two extra, special challenges before we bring your memorable adventure challenge to a close with the infamous “Slippery Wall”! Participants will be pleased to know that there is ‘no limit on fun or camaraderie’,


We asked for an interview with the duo who were busy deciding on their team name, they told us that they had shortlisted the following names but just couldn’t decide which one to go with, ‘C://’ or ‘CAPS LOCK – Preventing Login Since 1980′.

Peter had this to say;

I didn’t even want to do it anyway, he bought it for me and I feel too guilty to tell him that I think it will be a complete waste of time.

Richard told us;

I know Pete is really looking forward to it, it’s right up his street, or hill even, hahahahahahahahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Good luck and have fun, there is no limit on how much fun you can have.


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