EMGP Race 7: Weedon 10k – Why bother?

After inexplicably abandoning the project this weekend in favour of gallivanting around Princess Anne’s back garden on a Mountain Bike as part of a 24hr relay, Simkiss went into the 7th race of the EMGP series sleep deprived, exhausted, and with a very sore arse.

Keen to not be outdone by McCarthy in his attempts to take the Runner of the Month [RotM] title, Simkiss knew it was going to take an exceptionally mediocre performance to bring himself back into the running. Yet Simkiss had an ace up his sleeve, tugging at the heartstrings with some emotional backing music – not only would he deliver an exceptionally mediocre performance, he ‘gave it his all’, and ‘helped the team to victory’.

When asked why he was running Simkiss stated:

I ran this morning, and it was hopeless – puffing and panting like a Simkiss 2005 edition, but my entry is paid for, so I may as well trot round as best I can and try and finish as a scorer for the team.

A PR stunt if ever I saw one. Thought, not even this would outshine clubmate Siggers who’s superhuman feats surely put him at the top of the RotM shortlist for June – the sub 2:30 marathoner, currently in marathon training, completed the Wales Trail Marathon this weekend in 3:01 before completing the Weedon 10k in a slightly less mediocre time than the MCKEP athlete.

Simkiss ran the early miles in a chasing group with clubmates Siggers and Andrew, dropping around 10m before the big hill of the course – a gap that had closed by halfway up the climb thanks to a strong effort gaining several positions. Once at the summit, the weekends exertions were taking their toll and Simkiss dropped away from his clubmates once more – a gap that was to grow for the remainder of the race.

Unable to replicate the stunning performance of McCarthy in 2013 where he decimated Savery of Leamington CAC in a display of (beer) guts, determination, and poor running posture to take the Weedon 10k title in 33:15; Simkiss finished 6th in 34:49, behind Siggers (4th – 34:01) and Andrew (5th – 34:08). Splits as follows.

Mile Pace Elevation Change
1 05:31 69 ft
2 05:24 -3 ft
3 06:04 187 ft
4 05:44 10 ft
5 05:46 -34 ft
6 05:05 -186 ft
0.2 05:00 -14 ft

The race was won by Michael Aldridge, winning his 4th EMGP race in 4 appearances, no doubt he’ll be present at the Milton Keynes 10k in order to complete his 5th race of the series and collect his series prize vouchers – Sadly he’s deemed too old for the Senior Men’s prize, so will have to settle for the inferior Vets category, despite remaining unbeaten. 2nd place went to Harvey Speed, who’s been closing the gap on Simkiss virtually every race in the series thus far, Simkiss was unable to comment on how Speed’s race went because he was so far behind.

Marshalls are still looking for Ali Smith (Coventry Godiva) who appeared to abandon the Weedon 10k on the hill for the second year running – Smith may be suffering with the dreaded “cumulative fatigue” syndrome, having been known to have run every event within a 60mile radius of Rugby over the past 6 weeks.

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