EMGP Race 2: Rugby 6 Race Report

Race two of the EMGP Series saw the gypsy like movement of average local runners move onto St Andrews Rugby Club, Rugby. Following on from Silverstone last week the Kenilworth foursome of Siggers, Simkiss, McCarthy and Derby were in attendance along with Harvey Speed, Craig Palmer and local hero Hywel Towel. Who of this group would come out on top? (None of them but we will come to that.)

Siggers had already called into the local branch of Timpson’s to confirm the spelling of his surname for the trophy, the bookies had him down as favourite, this was his turf. The McCarkiss duo did have a race plan but it leant itself to a good solid race, so any early kicks could render them out of the running as they weren’t going to respond. McCarthy had a nightmare on this course last year, has something seriously wrong with his abdomen and is also racing a half marathon on Sunday, 3 excuses. Simkiss has stopped eating sugar, is currently trialling about 7000 different pills, potions and lotions and generally felt lethargic pre race, 3 excuses also. Palmer is still a bit of an unknown, Harvey is coming back to fitness and Hywel can never be sure if he will need a poo or not.

Mr Timpson engraving Siggers onto the trophy the day before the race

Mr Timpson engraving Siggers onto the trophy the day before the race

The race began with the sounding of a horn, reminiscent to a wet fart. Everybody stood still and as the clock moved onto 3 seconds, the field lunged forward and 15 40 minute 10k runners took the lead and headed out at sub 30 pace. 100metres later. the 40min boys now labouring and falling through the field, it was indeed the predicted pack heading up the race. Out front Siggers and Aldridge of Wooton were tonking along whilst the rest were strung out over 30 metres or so.

The frantic start had happened, MCKEP were now running their own race. Pulling through the thinning field nicely the duo turned at the 3m marker alongside Speed, Palmer and his buddy before Simkiss kicked on as planned to open a gap on the downhill. McCarthy followed but so did everyone else, so McCarthy had his usual mental breakdown and settled for 7th place whilst Simkiss pushed on in a bid to catch Siggers and Aldridge.



McCarthy follows around after Hywel of Rugby

As the race went up the final mountain and through 5 miles, Simkiss could hear the steps of Palmer closing in and was powerless to respond until the incline subsided. He mustered a final mile push to secure 3rd with a last mile of 5:13. Further down the field McCarthy finished with a 5:24, passing Palmer’s buddy and closing in on Speed with every step. That was until they turned the final bend and he literally just ran away from McCarthy.

At the front of the race it looked like Aldridge had just been biding his time as he kicked from SIggers to win the race, Mr Timpson put the engraving tool on ice.

Hywel came home in 8th for a much more pleasing run, especially as he hadn’t shat himself. Kyza ‘Chief’ Derby brought home Kenilworth for a 2nd consecutive team victory with another great run for 20th


Aldridge with his Trophy

Aldridge with his Trophy

M/F Cat No. Name Cat Time Club
1 1 1 1334 Michael Aldridge M40 31:45 Wootton Road Runners
2 2 1 770 Andrew Siggers MS 31:49 Kenilworth Runners
3 3 2 756 Richard Simkiss MS 32:09 Kenilworth Runners
4 4 3 1135 Craig Palmer MS 32:22 Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers
5 5 4 1012 Harvey Speed MS 32:30 Coventry Godiva
6 6 5 1043 Chris McCarthy MS 32:35 Kenilworth Runners
7 7 6 1394 Paul Farmer MS 32:48 Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers
8 8 7 1198 Hywel Davies MS 32:58 Rugby & Northampton AC

Mixed emotions in the MCKEP camp – another formidable race plan, undone within seconds of the race start and whilst the course and conditions made for a very uncomfortable race – Simkiss was rewarded with a new 6mile PB, and McCarthy denied a PB by a single second. Both athletes made notable improvements on their 2013 race times of 40 seconds for Simkiss, and 1:02 for McCarthy.

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