Dr Ron Hill – 50 not out

As Dr Ron Hill completes 50 years of continuous day to day running, we thought we would dig through the MCKEP archives and showcase our most prized ‘Ron possession’.

No, it’s not the 1st edition signed copies of ‘The Long Hard Road’ Part One and Two that we have in our vault…it’s the now famous limited edition Breville Toaster that Ron signed following a quiz he hosted. The Breville was first prize in a quiz that was based on Ron’s life, in which he was actually taking part. Ron only managed to get 19/20 on questions about his own life; leaving two of MCKEP’s most senior backroom staff to collect the prize, out gunning Ron on questions…about himself, with 20/20.

Merv and Tony, MCKEP's most Senior backroom staff with Ron and the Breville

Merv and Tony, MCKEP’s most Senior backroom staff with Ron and the Breville

To another 50 years of running every day, slow and pointless, the MCKEP way.

For all the guff we write on here, worryingly this one is true.

Talking of tough, Hill’s sporting hero has always been Alf Tupper – the celebrated Tough of the Track – who first appeared 60 years ago in the Rover comic and only retired in 1992 when the Victor called time on his career.

Like Hill he was working class, mad for running, ‘nails’ and seemingly ageless. Fact and fiction occasionally got confused in their relationship with Alf winning the 1970 Commonwealth Games marathon in Edinburgh after sleeping rough atop Arthur’s seat the night before – whereas in fact Hill won that particular race in 2-09-28, the world’s second fastest time at that point.

“Alf genuinely was my hero, more than any living athlete, and I saw much of him in me. His life was bloody hard and he was a working class warrior always suspicious of officialdom and the ‘toffs’ – British athletics was run by such people when I started – but always finding ways of defeating them and getting his just reward.

He trained come hail or shine and lived on fish and chips or dripping on toast. There was so much to admire in Alf and getting the comic every week to read of his latest exploits was always a treat. If Alf could ‘run ’em’, so could I.”


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