Distance Running in Social Media ‘Spat’

McCarthy became involved in a lengthy WhatsApp spat with his fellow parkrun, 1500m, 3000m 5,000m and 10,000m, Half Marathon and Marathon runner, Rich Simkiss, on Tuesday night in which he called his McCarkiss Elite Project team-mate “ThighKiss”.

Simkiss responded after McCarthy, who earned his best career result to date when he was second to Elly in the Wirral Half Marathon last winter in 1:10:30, criticised the mass of fat around the thighs of Simkiss, following the recent lab testing. The double parkun champion Simkiss is due to make his season debut at the Bourton 10k, in Bourton, on Sunday.Screenshot_2015-02-18-07-15-41


“Pipe down Thighkiss,” wrote McCarthy.

The 31-year-old replied to McCarthy, saying: “Fat-back McCarthy’.

McCarthy responded with an emoticon of clapping hands.

The argument continued as Simkiss responded with, ‘That’s the best I could manage’.

McCarthy then responded with another emoticon.

The exchange continued for an hour, with Simkiss closing off proceedings by going to bed.

The spat followed the first session in the lab for the duo, who anticipating a tough and intense session spent Sunday resting and didn’t bother running on the Monday morning. Arriving at the lab they were introduced to a session consisting of 7 minutes at Steady, 5 minutes at LT pace and then 3 minutes at a faster pace. Little more light can be shed on the pace or structure to the session for confidentiality reasons, and due to the fact the duo don’t quite understand what is going on.

Session to be repeated on Thursday….


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