Bristol Half Marathon 2013 – Preview

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With three weeks to go it’s safe to say we were staring down the barrel of a gun. Injured. Unfit. Fat. Alcoholic. Half of us anyway.

I came into this block off 5-6 weeks of really disrupted training due to injury, but before that I was running as well as ever, equalling my 10k PB in June. RS has had a significantly longer injury period (up to two years!) but was finally gaining some consistency.

After much deliberation and the scouring of many a good textbook, a scientific review using the ‘out of thin air plucking technique’ produced a target of 75 minutes (HMP 5:43mm although we chose 5:40mm which gives 74:20ish) and a three week plan consisting of a few key sessions.

  •  A fartlek session at below HMP
  • A steady 14 miler
  • A 2 hour ‘time on feet’ long run
  • A 3×2 mile at HMP off 400
  • A 7 mile tempo at HMP

It was clear the target of 75 was going to be tough yet achievable with us both having run 72:XX already this year and gone sub 75 on a number of occasions (RS:9 CM:3), ultimately there could well be a sub72 in the tank this year and this should just be seen as a stepping stone to that time in late autumn, as well as the absolute ‘must’ which is running 32:3X in Leeds, at the very least.

 The Sessions

The Fartlek


The 14


The 2 Hour


The Tempo

We ended up doing this on a treadmill, 40 mins at 17.05km/h with the last 2minutes on 18-19km/h – aside from bleeding nipples and cut toes this went really well.

The 3×2

HMP Stretch Out


In summary the plan was executed to perfection, whether it was the correct plan or not will be evident in the end result but we did what we said we would and we firmly believe that should be enough for sub 75. My mileage specifically has increased over the three weeks to base level standards of circa 50-55mpw and RS has been chucking in the cross training, an extra parkrun and a sprint triathlon to give equal if not better effect that a similar mileage.

So whether this target is to be realised or not will become clear on Sunday, until then it’s the usual cocktails of Beetroot Juice, Proteins, Red Wine, Curries, Coffees and all the other bizarre ingredients that we have become accustomed to over the years. The weather looks awful, the start time isn’t in our favour and we will undoubtedly want to go off a lot faster so discipline will be key.

Que Sera, Sera. Run hard….



2 thoughts on “Bristol Half Marathon 2013 – Preview

  1. May I add, in order to ensure the McCarkissElite Project is covered and void of any responsibility should we struggle to achieve the 75mins. Be under no illusion that 75mins is expected to be easy – in fact when a 75min target was decided, it was considered to be way in excess of our fitness and ability at the time. A 75min half would be… WILL be a big step forwards on the route to bigger & better things.

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