Breaking News: Bargain Frijj ‘Supreme’ (Premium Calories)

At McCarkissElite Project we’ve worked hard for years to hone our skills for scoping out high calorie foodstuffs which can loosely be considered as having some nutritional benefit to us runners, and especially when aforementioned foodstuffs are available at discount prices.

It is with great pleasure that we can bring news that Frijj Milkshakes, now available in a ‘Supreme’ edition (various flavours available), can now be purchased at Tesco stores across the country in a well thought out marketing strategy whereby consumers are offered a SECOND milkshake, free-of-charge, when purchasing one full priced milkshake of the same range.

Frijj Supreme Buy One Get One Free

Being one for a sly deal, MCKEP athlete Rich Simkiss this morning picked up the Honeycomb Swirl and Sticky Toffee Pudding variants of the ‘supreme’ milkshake. He reported:

I had absolutely no intention of buying milkshake, but feel I have the upper hand over the corporate giants by coming away with two, having only paid for one!

Simkiss, currently undergoing a calorie loading phase (or so it would appear based on the rising figures on the bathroom scales), managed to consume both milkshakes within the duration of a 4hr meeting.

I was surprised at how quickly I got through them – they weren’t particularly filling, and whilst they were undeniably sweet and pleasant tasting, they lacked the supremeyness one would expect given the terminology used on the label.

I’ve now nailed over 800kCals in Milkshake this morning… thank f#ck I’m going for an 8 miler later with McCarthy.

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