Birmingham XC League 2013 – Race 2: Northampton

Race two saw the return of McCarthy to the country, now into his 7th month of an injured ankle. Simkiss was again turning out on the back of some good recent form and some impressive training pace.

From the gun Andy Siggers led out the green of Kenilworth with a pack of Gould, McCarthy and Simkiss floating between 2-4th counter. Andrew hovered off the pack with Hopkins (looking remarkably old for his age) birnging up the 6th counter. The Northampton course was undulating and very hard under foot, only around a 20 yard section could be classed as flat with the continous up and down of Abingdon Park posing a relentless but fair test. Around a lap in Simkiss began to string out the 4 Kenilworth Runners as Andrew began to work through into 3rd counter from Gould and then McCarthy back in the 5th counter position.


Simkiss leads from McCarthy and Gould, Andrew still to pounce

Into the 4th and final lap and Siggers led the pack of 4 KR runners by about 15 places as they all hovered between 45-50th position. McCarthy began to work through the pack (unheard of) and eventually pulled the group through to finish with only seconds 13 between them in positions 40,41,42 and 44. Siggers ran fantastically to finish in 30th and Hopkins (looking remarkably old for his age) came home in 78th to complete the A team.


Another photo ( c/o Joan Andrew)

The MCKEP atheletes came away with different emotions, Simkiss was inconsoleable and the MCKEP Samaritan helpline was again in use for the rest of the evening, whilst McCarthy was in a state of shock that he not only took over people at the end of the race, but he went past Simkiss.





Shock and despair


Fine form


Happy runner


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