Bam Flloyd Berks

MCKEP would whole heartedly like to welcome a new member, a member that has been kicking around for some tIme but most recently managed to achieve her ‘lifetime ambition’ (how you do this at 17….) , of running and studying in the USA. She loves to go by the name of Bam Flloyd Berks, we tried to hyphenate it for Americanisationism but we thought sod it, if ya’ big dog, ya’ big dog. We welcome her fresh on the back of a sponsh-orship deal where she is solely committed to showing the brand, nothing performance related, just, wearing shit . Please don’t confuse her with self made, self propogated and all round self righteous pricks, Bam Flloyd Berks. As a good mate of mine said, once you know where a bell ends. It ends.

That said, if Bam was to enter the absolute most biggest obvious massivest raciest race of the year, she could drop a good 90 seconds off what people thought she would run (an apparent 90 seconds off what everyone else and her cohort’s were predicting like, proper, like, smashing, like I drink diet coke pre run, gang).

Showing the brand means hashtag, like hashtag hashtag. Ron Hill, who needs no introduction, was asked to meet Bam, Asics, the Frontrunner’s and their friends, two days before Bam would ultimately serve up, in running terms, at Highgate a turd.

He said, ‘fuck off you queer’.

Oddly, quite out of character given he is fat and doesn’t give a shit about running, a certain someone from McCarkiss received a level of abuse from a ‘professional’ (how do you do a smiley face icon with a wink with an extra element of double barrelled cuntiness) athlete abusing his age. Now we can’t divulge the athlete nor would we go into the detail of Bam Flloyd Bank, the “professional 10,000m runner, that doesn’t like it when it gets a bit hot”

As an aside, we just thought we would post these for Macca, given he is an old bastard, apparently, and has just had a load of abuse of the impressive  (not really to be fair) Sam Loyd-Perks who ran an impressively in London this week

Herein began a discussion with asics over the conduct of SLP  and relevant parties.

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