Ask McCarkiss: Question from Seymour…

Name: Seymour Butts

Question: Why are no other team members on the profile page for PBs etc. When is the 2.29 marathon report coming out?

Answer: At McCarkiss we’re proud of our heritage, namely two self indulgent, egotistical founding members, one of whom has been as distant from a decent running performance or blog article as currently he is from the UK, the other a master of procrastination and/or taking forever to get things done.

Various parts of the site are a legacy from the ‘elite’ project, and haven’t been updated in years. They inevitably will be having only recently become a proper running club in 2015perhaps we’ll get this sorted shortly after Simkiss’ 2:29 report from London, which our infinite team of monkeys inform us is on its way… soon… ish.

McCarkiss Monkey Writers

Simkiss & McCarthy discuss the future of the McCarkiss Endurance Project

Thanks for your questions Seymour… and please don’t be afraid to use your real name next time, pseudonyms are awfully cowardly and childish.

Best regards,

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