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As 2014 draws to a close we thought it was time to review the progress of the McCarkiss Elite Project, starting with Simkiss and McCarthy. In keeping with the start of year rankings we will begin with the highlights of the man that was at the time, MCKEP #1.



The less said about 2014 the better really.

It started quite brightly however, Simkiss surprised us all by coming in just 20 seconds shy of his Half Marathon PB with a 1:12:21 at Reading, in preparation for the London Marathon. The marathon itself was not much more than a fun run, a run where there wasn’t that much fun until the famous after party with the Blueberry Muffin, clearly it didn’t take anything out of Simkiss as he went on to win the East Mids Grand Prix, taking the Market Harbroough title. It is important to note that this series win was on a count back due to the real winner being an old man who couldn’t win the Senior Prize, from here it sort of went downhill for Simkiss.  

Simkiss, a man once known to pit himself against the best in order to achieve his best, spent the latter part of the year entering middle class sports and low key races such as the Stanford Half, before a win at the Daventry 10.  It was his withdrawal from the Abbey Dash that concerned the psychologist at MCKEP the most, sparking concern that ‘his head may have gone’ and a fear of laying his credentials on the line has taken hold of his psyche’.   

All is not lost though and this Sunday sees him in a self-proclaimed ‘benchmark’ run at the Telford 10k following his PB last year, where rumour has it that a above 33:20 will put his contract with MCKEP in doubt.

 2014 V 2013 

Event PB 2014 2013
3000 9:30.9 9:30.9
5000 15:53.8 15:53.8
5K 16:06
parkrun 15:56 16:11 15:56
5M 26:03 26:03 27:43
6M 32:09 32:09 32:49
10K 32:20 32:51 32:20
12K 40:27 40:27
Event PB 2014 2013
9M 48:44
10M 55:20 55:20 56:26
HM 72:01 72:21 72:30
Mar 2:42:24 2:43:36



In contrast it was a stand out year for McCarthy who surpassed all expectations in thrusting himself into the Number 1 spot in the MCKEP rankings. A year that began with a fantastic win in Stratford NTRIX hit a bumpy spring period with some below par performances including a win interrupted Liverpool Half, a blow up in the Two Castles and a complete nightmare throughout the East Mids GP.  This followed disastrous outing in London where Simkiss had to stop for McCarthy at 25 miles due to cramp. That said, McCarthy was keen to put the mileage to some use and ran 1:12:38 at the Chester Half for 3rd and an 8 second PB.

The ‘Pakistani Summer’, as we refer to it at MCKEP, began when he trailed in behind Simkiss in the interclub 5k, missing out on the illusive Sub16. The results that followed speak for themselves;

5000 16:01.8 Stratford-upon-Avon AC Inter-Club
5K 15:52 Sale Sizzler 5K Series (Inc Northern Champs)
10K 33:15 Birchwood 10K


5M 26:57 Coventry Autumnal 5
10000 32:17.08 BMC 10,000m Track Festival


parkrun 16:20 Northampton parkrun # 124
HM 71:33 Bristol Half Marathon


5.848K 19:00 ERRA Men’s National 6 Stage Relays
HM 70:30 Wirral Half Marathon


10K 32:37 Leeds Abbey Dash 10K

The Sale Sizzler and the Birchwood 10k came within 4 days of each other, leaving McCarthy with little to give in the Autumnal 5 when he attempted his 3rd race in 7 days. We began to realise McCarthy may be on the verge of something special with his blistering run in Manchester when he surpassed Simkiss’ 10k time, albeit on the track. But it was to be the Half Marathon where the season would peak with firstly an outstanding PB of over a minute at the Bristol Half Marathon. Even we at MCKEP could not understand how the hell it happened, Simkiss was sick. Then weeks later this was bettered by over a minute again back home on the Wirral with a 2nd place finish in New Brighton.

Now at the very end of his random period of fantastic form and following the revelation that McCarthy was in fact lucky to still be walking, a final PB came on the road in Leeds, knocking 5 seconds off his road 10k time from Telford, last year.

2014 V 2013

Event PB 2014 2013
Mile 4:57.9 4:57.9
5000 16:01.8 16:01.8
10000 32:17.08 32:17.08
5K 15:52 15:52 16:04
parkrun 16:20 16:20
5M 26:30 26:50 26:30
6M 32:09 32:09 33:37
Event PB 2014 2013
10K 32:37 32:37 32:42
12K 40:05 40:05
9M 49:39 49:39
10M 56:45 56:20 56:45
HM 70:30 70:30 72:46
Mar 2:41:45 2:43:36 2:41:45


Finally, with all that serious stuff behind them, the two main men of the project remain the best of friends and are still confidently deluded that they will one day place 1st and 2nd in the Olympic Marathon.

Thanks for reading our complete load of bollocks throughout 2014 and we hope you will continue to massage our ego’s through 2015 as we slog out more boring and monotonous miles.


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  1. Very disappointed you didn’t slag of Simkiss for his ‘no show’ at the BMC 10,000 metres despite saying he’d be there……even though a cancer victim with double pulmonary emboli managed to drag himself round………

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