The McCarkissendurance Project is a group that was set up by Richard Simkiss and Chris McCarthy to promote competitive distance running in the UK. The club grew over 18 months and in early 2015 gained affiliation to Athletics.

Before it all got serious, however;

The ‘Project’ began with what was essentially a blog detailing the daily training of two self-indulgent, egotistical and distinctly average runners and their impossible quest to be slightly less average.

In 2013, we wrote

The McCarkissElite Project is a group that was not created by the athletic shoe company Nike, in 2001, to promote American long distance running. The athletes that partake in this program are of an average caliber, which can be attributed to their lack of elite coaching, revolutionary training and non use of air thinning technology.

The runners don’t live and train in Portland, Oregon near Nike’s headquarters, instead opting for Warwickshire. None of the runners in this group live in a specially designed house where filters are used to remove oxygen from the air to simulate that the athlete is living at high elevation. Numerous studies have shown that living at altitude causes the athlete to develop more red blood cells, increasing athletic performance.

In addition to this, special software is used to monitor electrodes attached to the athletes, determining what condition they are in and how far or fast they can train. None of that happens either. Nor do they use underwater and low-gravity treadmills, instead opting for five day trial passes at various local LA Fitness gyms.

They also have no collaboration with Colorado Altitude Training (CAT) for use of their hypoxic training equipment.

The original line up….


Rich Simkiss

Rich Simkiss – Power of 10 Profile


Warwickshire County 10 Mile Champion

Warwickshire County Half Marathon Champion
2010, 2011, 2012

Warwickshire Road Race League Winner
2011, 2012

Warwickshire County XC Team Member


Rugby 10
Threshold Winter Series 10km

Hatton 5
Moreton Morell 10k
Evesham 10k
Welcombe Wobbler

Hatton 5
Stratford Summer 6
Coventry Northbrook 10km
Moreton Morrell Summer 10k
Threshold Winter Series 10km
Evesham 10k
Shakespeare Half Marathon
Gloucester League XC – Race 1

Evesham 10k
Stratford’s Big 10k
Kenilworth Killer 10k
Wedgnock Winter Hills 10k
Threshold Summer Series 10k

Wedgnock Summer Series 10k
Wedgnock Winter Mud 10k


Chris McCarthy

Chris McCarthy – Power of 10 Profile


Cheshire County XC Team Member

5th Cheshire XC Championships

2nd Warwickshire Ten Mile Championships

Titles: Market Harborough 5, Weedon 10k, Worcester Pitchcroft 10k, Droitwich Half Marathon

Runner up EMGP Road Race Series


Cheshire Team Member V North Wales

3rd in the English Half Marathon

Titles: Bristol Bitton 5k


Titles: Moreton in Marsh 10k

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