OBS Day 21: The Great Storm, 3 and 4.

This was not a day to run 18 miles.

This was a day when fingers were numbed, shoes were sodden and wind penetrated eye balls. It was a day so cold that whilst urinating in a bush, someone trapped their scrotum and didn’t feel the pain till the chaffed skin defrosted. It was ‘scrotum freezing’ weather. 


Setting off from MCKEP HQ after 30 minutes of layer deliberating the ran began and so did the storm. Simkiss had tired legs from the 12k Midland XC not 24 hours previous and McCarthy, now 26 days without a drink was starting to show the tell tale signs of alchohol withdrawal. A route consisting of dual carriageways and A roads allowed for excessive HGV spray and countless near death experiences but two hours later the run was done, the longest of the campaign so far. 45 minutes later and even the coldest and chaffed of testicles was beginning to lower itself from the abdomen.

Week 3 was complete and McCarthy had hit the planned mileage of 90 with a good session accompanied by Simkiss on the Thursday, who had himself had a big week in sicknote terms by hitting 60. Week 4 sees the same story really with the mileage increased to just under 100 and the session consisting of 5×2 @ MP. A 20 miler at the weekend is accompanied by day after day of menotinous mileage….


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