2015 EMGP: Race 1 – Silverstone 10k

The Silverstone 10k and the East Midlands Grand Prix series were bestowed the honour of hosting the first outing of the ‘Men in Black’, the birth of a new era in distance running.


L-R McCarthy, Simkiss, Jordan, Adcock

Before the race, rumour of an MCKEP appearance was rife due to the fact that the weather conditions were being described as an ‘act of god’. When the four main protagonists of MCKEP converge in one place, this does tend to happen.

The Silverstone 10k is known for being held based on the Met Office prediction for what will be the windiest day of the year, and yet again the lads at the Met’ got it spot on. The men of MCKEP took refuge in a 63 plate Focus Estate, whilst debating whether Adcock could really wear a ‘Small’ vest. He could.

Having arrived as the 2014 F1 British Grand Prix packed up and left, Jordan had only been waiting on site for 7 months so as the clock ticked closer to 7:25pm with the team still changing, even McCarthy looked on in shock as he physically crumbled in a nervous heap, worrying they wouldn’t make the start line with at least 5 minutes to spare. Alas, the gun went at 7:30 and the project settled into a nice pack within 400 metres, only 390 metres off the initial pace that had been set by Mark Palser of Milton Keynes, obviously keen to go off alone at 30 minute pace given the 40mph head winds on most parts of the course.

Back in the chase pack, perennial worrier Jordan took up the pace and used his 9 stone frame to shield the 9.1 stone frames of Adcock and Jason Williams, whilst the lumbering 12 stone lumps of McCarthy and Simkiss settled in ahead of another 4 or 5 generic runners. The first mile ticked over in 5:12 followed by a 5:20 ran entirely into a headwind and as the more favourable final mile of the 3 mile loop came up in 5:14 there was now just a lead pack that absolutely stank of McCarkiss. The lead pack had seemingly gone past a McCarkiss shop which had exploded and they were covered in McCarkiss. It was a McCarkiss fest. An actual festival of McCarkiss.

That was apart from the person who was actually leading the race… Williams of Hermitage. Williams passed 5k in 16:30 with the MCKEP party bus cruising through with McCarthy in 16:34, Simkiss in 16:34, Adcock in 16:34 and Jordan in 16:35. What a difference a second makes in running. The ‘cruising’ party bus quickly developed a serious structural failure and essentially lost its fourth wheel. Jordan decided it was a 5k session and a 5k cool down and ceremoniously slammed on the anchors.

Approaching 6k and Williams had gone and opened up a 40 metre gap, Adcock went and McCarthy and Simkiss fell back a further 15 metres and had a conversation that Williams had won and Adcock could have a go but it was pointless. As McCarthy struggled to hang onto Simkiss, the strong head wind at 7k loomed and the duo closed together before reeling in Adcock. Simkiss led into the headwind and the gap to Williams had closed every so slightly. With Simkiss on his last legs McCarthy took it on… urging Simkiss to go with him, confident that if he could get the thunder thigh’d MCKEP Chairman within touching distance of Williams with 100 to go, the deadly kick of Simkiss would be unstoppable (Also conscious that if he put all the effort in himself and caught Williams, he would get outkicked by them both and come third anyway. 3rd it was then).

8k passed and McCarthy had pulled Simkiss to within 20 metres before at around 9k Simkiss was what seemed like a monumental size gap of 5m behind the leader. McCarthy fell away whilst barking instructions at Simkiss to “go on” and “‘ave ‘im”; Simkiss detonated the kick early and passed Williams with conviction; he flew down the home straight at around 4:03mm pace, in a sort of tribute to Bannister’s 61st anniversary of the 4 minute mile, but not quite a mile, or at sub 4 minute mile pace. Williams was beaten to second whilst McCarthy and Adcock came in 3rd and 4th. It was a minute or so later that the 3 members of the project started to worry if Jordan was actually going to finish… he did, smashing his predicted 35 minute barrier.

If you fancy running with MCKEP for the rest of the EMGP series, drop us a note

Current EMGP Standings (Under UKA rules as per EMGP 2000-2014)

1 McCarkiss Elite Project 02:15:05
2 Marshall Milton Keynes AC 02:24:37
3 Wootton Road Runners 02:26:39
4 Wellingborough & District AC 02:31:06
5 Rugby & Northampton AC 02:31:37
6 Leamington C & AC 02:31:49
7 Defence Academy of the UK 02:32:39
8 Higham Harriers 02:35:01
9 Spa Striders 02:36:55
10 Redway Runners 02:37:45


Pos M/F Cat No. Name Cat Time Club Chip Time Split
1 1 1 918 Richard Simkiss MS 33:13 McCarkiss Elite Project 1 33:13 16:34
2 2 1 184 Jason Williams M40 33:20 Hermitage Harriers 2 33:19 16:30
3 3 2 917 Chris McCarthy MS 33:25 McCarkiss Elite Project 3 33:25 16:34
4 4 3 904 Matt Adcock MS 33:44 McCarkiss Elite Project 4 33:44 16:34
5 5 2 130 Karl Spielmann M40 33:52 Midhurst Milers 5 33:51 16:42
6 6 4 940 Martin Lewis MS 34:21 Charnwood AC 6 34:21 16:41
7 7 1 850 Oliver Paulin M20 34:25 Coventry Godiva Harriers 7 34:24 17:09
8 8 5 418 Joseph Read MS 34:27 Knowle & Dorridge RC 8 34:27 17:10
9 9 6 434 James Mogridge MS 34:30 Yaxley Runners 9 34:30 16:46
10 10 7 906 Chris Jordan MS 34:43 McCarkiss Elite Project 10 34:43 16:35
Simkiss Wins at Silverstone 10k 2015

Simkiss looking smug after his victory

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