17/11/13 Leeds Abbey Dash 10k

Two McCarkiss Elite Project athletes today saw the conclusion to their first proper training block together as they took part in the Leeds Abbey Dash 10k in Support of Age UK, the race organising charity. We’re pleased to announce that both athletes completed the course and are delighted with their momento T-shirts.


10k Training: Week 8, Session 1

And now, the final week is here And so we face the final sessions Our friends (if we have any left), we say it clear We state our case, of which we’re certain We’ve trained, a block that’s full. We’ve run each and ev’ry highway (mainly A and B roads) And more, much more than this, we did it the completely non Science based, read a…


Birmingham XC League 2013: Race 1 – Newbold Comyn

For the regular readers I almost feel I should apologise for the sensible, unfunny, and almost ‘serious’ nature of this report. So sensible and factually accurate it’s even written in first person! A few things come to mind when one thinks about Cross Country Racing at Newbold Comyn (aka Newbold Common); mainly the ‘ditch’/water crossing…