Rugby 10 Winners Trophy

Rugby 10 Report – County Champions!

A resounding success for MCKEP on another ‘training effort’ race at this weekend’s Rugby 10. Gold and Silver at the Warwickshire County Champs – a testament to the success of the Elite Project training regime. After a hard week totalling in excess of 70mi (a first for a good while for both McCarthy & Simkiss,…


Race Preview – Rugby 10

Rugby 10 – 29/09/13 It’s a funny one this one. Off  the back of what will be the highest mileage week (70-74) for us for some months, the likelihood is that this will be a tough slog from start to finish. Add into that yesterdays 2 hour time on feet run has left me full…


A ‘Simkiss’ Morning Session

Rumours are circulating that ahead of this evenings tough tempo session, Simkiss woke up early and went for a 1 mile walk. If anyone can explain what this means or why he would do such a thing, please let us know. This is clearly in complete breach of all ‘McCarkiss’ methodology and is in fact,…


Running P*rn

Enjoy a submission from one of our readers; Ron Hill at Brighton Marathon 2012     Steve Jones 1984 WR     Steve Jones 1985     Bikila 1960     Tokyo Olympiad     Zatopek Helsinki    

Rich Simkiss at Midland 6 Stage Road Relays 2013

Midlands 6 Stage Road Relays

MCKEP this weekend showed the importance of training balance, whilst Rich Simkiss ran with lungs bursting around Sutton Park, Chris McCarthy worked hard to ensure balanced training stress levels were maintained within the group, consuming as many alcoholic beverages as required whilst ‘oop North in order to balance out Simkiss’ fatigue inducing efforts. Analysts were…


Setting some Autumn (Paul) Tergats

With the injuries seemingly behind us, attention is now shifted to pulling something out of 2013 and what the tergat will be for MCKEP. After weighing up a number of offers from various race organisers, we decided to instead pay a quite expensive entry fee to enter one. The decision has been made for us…