15/09/13 – Bristol Half Marathon Race Report



34th & 35th – 74:01

Job done.

Mission Sub 75 accomplished, may I add, with ease.

After a lovely morning ride down to Bristol following some toast and some finely brewed Simko black coffee we arrived with plenty of time to spare. A quick bowel empty and a change into race gear and it wasn’t long before we were warming up and heading for our second bowel emptying. Caffeine tablets ingested, last Beetroot downed. Could McCarthy go sub 75 in a place where he once resided, high on the Avon & Somerset ‘at risk register’ as a morbidly obese Bristol resident.

From the off the pace felt harder than it should have and that was made more worrying when the first mile came in at over 5:48, once we were through 5k though we were back on track and beginning to find some sort of rhythm. At the Portway turn the wind was beginning to get involved so some tactical tailing, tucking and hiding was necessary and a decent pack formed through to about 7 miles where we picked up the pace, having passed halfway with 23 seconds to spare to run the 75. It’s fair to say I think we were still feeling comfortable.

At ten miles the pace had picked up to circa 5:20 and we made a conscious decision to just ‘run it in’ over the last 5k, whether this was driven by an inbuilt defence mechanism to avoid a blow up or a sensible decision, safe in the knowledge a relatively easy 5k would get us under 75, I can’t say.

We wound it up through the final 400 to both cross the line, hand in hand and arm in arm in a photo finish 74:01.  The only negative being my tempo tits came out to play with the scabs falling off to leave me in agony in the shower too.

A quick warm down and a stop off at Tesco for some elite refueling produce and we were on our way home, sub 75’s in the bag and with thoughts moving to what we want to get from this Autumn…..

Split Summary
1) 1m – 5:47(5:47/m) 128cal
2) 1m – 5:41(5:41/m) 131cal
3) 1m – 5:47(5:47/m) 130cal
4) 1m – 5:37(5:37/m) 132cal
5) 1m – 5:31(5:31/m) 132cal
6) 1m – 5:36(5:36/m) 132cal
7) 1m – 5:43(5:43/m) 134cal
8) 1m – 5:35(5:35/m) 132cal
9) 1m – 5:30(5:30/m) 134cal
10) 1m – 5:31(5:31/m) 130cal
11) 1m – 5:33(5:33/m) 128cal
12) 1m – 5:49(5:49/m) 132cal
13) 1m – 5:29(5:29/m) 128cal
14) 0.17m – 51(5:00/m) 20cal

Post race fuelling




Celebratory Ale

How apt, not for the fact a hare is quick but for the fact I have no hair.

photo (5)


Bloody hell

photo (3)


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