10k Training: Week 8, “Session” 2

An urban trail around the streets of Rugby for this 2 x 800 session, the first rep around the rich tapestry of sporting facilities that make up the grounds of Rugby School, steeped in tradition, history and brimming with cash and some of the countries most well heeled ‘yoof’. You can hear the computer terminals report some gains on the values of copper and tin, whilst American businessmen snap up Van Goghs for the price of a hospital wing . Meanwhile the second rep was not 100 yards away, down the deserted and desolate wasteland of charity shops and ‘£ a pint’ pubs that make up Rugby high street, the billboards advertising products that nobody needs.

In similar contrast the reps were completed in around 5.18 and 4.49 pace, messy reps if truth be told. As we entered the loop we didn’t realised that it was the time when janitors padlock the gates for security guards to patrol. A few stern words were exchanged and off we scurried to rep two. Now we were in the after work hustle and bustle as post office clerks put up signs saying ‘position closed’, and secretaries turned off typewriters and put on their coats. We ran amongst them and after a few up and downs we had the 0.5.

A nice 2.5 jog home crossing roads as the traffic lights changed to stop, when there’s nothing to go. And by five o’clock everything’s dead, and every third car is a cab. And ignorant people sleep in their beds, like the doped white mice in the college lab.

Thanks to Jason Currie for that training report.

We are getting bored now, time to race.

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