10k Training: Week 7 – Session 2

Arriving at the track for our final session of what has been quite a long old ride, the fact Simkiss had not two hours ago buried 18 slices of pizza to defeat ‘Ham’ in a Pizza Hut ‘all you can eat’ buffet meant this was going to be an interesting one.

Having completed their now customary breach of the track perimeter fence in Rugby, a 2-3 mile warm up followed with Simkiss on the verge of chundering with every step. The plan for the evening was 4×200 off 200 at 34’s, 3x1k at 3:05 off 2:30, 2×400 off 400 at 68’s.

Simkiss led out the 2’s with McCarthy, conscious he was not built for pace of any variety, happy to use the shorter reps of the session for more of a stride out. That said, the MCKEP rust  bucket hit 34 for every rep with Simkiss doing his customary sprint out, ranging from around 32-34 for the short block.

Onto the K’s and a rare and potentially never to be repeated moment in history, McCarthy led out all three reps, to pace. The lads went through in 04, 05 and 06 – quite comfortably. The fact they were quite comfortable means even though the 06 was actually 1 second off pace means it can be disregarded. As McCarthy basked in the beauty of a 2:30 recovery, Simkiss writhed in agony as Pepperoni after Mushroom bashed at his throat to escape like an angry convict caught up in a jailbreak.

The final 2 4’s were again attacked by Simkiss in around 64-66 with McCarthy trotting him in 71’s.

A lovely trot around the grounds of Rugby School resulted in the magical ten mile day being achieved and McCarthy bored Simkiss with his continued moaning about how his wife doesn’t really appreciate how difficult it is trying to support a heavily pregnant woman when involved in such a tough training group. Meanwhile Simkiss moans about the plastering he is doing in his kitchen and how his beloved doesn’t appreciate how difficult it is to refit a kitchen when involved in such a tough training group.

If only they read this.

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