10k Training – Week 6, Session 1


4 x 1.5m off 90 at 5:15/mi

After a few days of recovery and recuperation (mincing in London, relaxing in the Lake District) there really was no excuse if the splits were missed today. They weren’t.

5:06/mi  avg for 1.5m
5:09/mi  avg for 1.5m
5:11/mi  avg for 1.5m
5:06/mi  avg for 1.5m
The usual road route had been almost decimated by ‘St Jude’…..
….so a makeshift little road course near Rugby was drawn up which ensured the horrific storm that has taken the UK….by storm…didn’t impact the session too heavily. A beautiful set of rep’s were worked out into the wind for the first 0.75 and then the benefit could be felt on the turn for home.
Simkiss and McCarthy commented that this felt like the strongest session so far and the feedback from Paul Andrew last week about sticking to the 90 second recovery was a good little reminder in the back of the mind as the wind blew hard after each rep, ‘stop being a girl’.
Post run there were a few concerns coming out of the camp relating to injuries with Simkiss suffering from a tight calf, which should hopefully be ironed out by the aforementioned psychologist come physio this week. Whilst McCarthy has now been suffering from an ankle injury for 5 months and is still avoiding the physio due to fear that if it is prodded it may get worse and prevent him from running, clearly avoiding a professional that may fix the problem poses more risk of injury than the 310 miles that will have been run in October…..it had flared up today.

One thought on “10k Training – Week 6, Session 1

  1. A really interesting article………however this was completely overshadowed by the curious ‘synchronicity’ displayed by the two athletes in the photo – look at those arms and legs – it’s as if a pair of co-joined twins had suddenly discovered the joys of Park runs – marvellous.

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