10k Training – Week 4, Session 3

Northampton Parkrun

Session three of the week saw the project attempt Northampton Parkrun in the hope of a fast flat course and two 16 minute 5k’s.

Simkiss duly delivered with a strong and well paced run producing a time of 15:56, McCarthy struggled to a disappointing and demoralising 16:30 – clocking a third mile slower than the final few miles of the Wirral Half Marathon, a disgraceful and embarrassing performance.

The pair hit the first mile neck and neck in 5:00 but McCarthy soon fell behind on a small climb at 1.2 mile and from then on it was reverse gear for the former chubby funster. Simkiss however put the pedal down to bring up following miles of 5:08, 5:06, and finishing at 4:47/mi for the final 0.1mi, compared to McCarthy’s 5:28, 5:33, finishing at 5:14/mi pace.

Saving grace was found in the fact that they got the old 1, 2. Nothing else would be acceptable.


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