10k Training – Week 2, Session 2.

HMP Effort (4m &  3m) in a Long Run

Upon arrival at Simkiss towers I quickly declared that I was not doing this in a 16m run, my legs felt battered and my willingness to run in gale force winds on what would undoubtedly be a hilly course as Lord Himalaya had planned it, left me void of any desire for this session. We ran a 13.6 route.

After a 2.25m warm up, upwards, to the top of a hill we began with a 4m effort directly into the wind which left us off pace at the 1.5m turn point, from the point we had a good wind behind us and despite a few elevation challenges (minor…I will give him that) I trailled Simkiss home in 22:15, to his 22:13 against our target of 22:20. Not a bad start.

We then met our local Sherpa at the base camp to Napton on the Hill and he led us on a 1.8m recovery section where Simkiss continued to bang on about the beautiful view, the arable land beneath our feet and the wonders of being at one with mother earth, our heartbeats and the tweet of birdsong in harmony. I told him to ‘shut the f*ck up’ and moaned at how it angered me that whilst we are trying  to train our energy systems to cope with 6 miles of out and out effort – he persists in taking me on routes that don’t allow me to get up to pace because my legs are so shagged from the ridiculous climbs. As we dropped down and passed the school we had passed on the way up from base camp I realised he had literally taken us on a circle around the top of the hill for recovery. Ridiculous.


So we began the next 3m effort, again after 5:35’s and this time I trailled behind Bear Grylls by 4 seconds in 16:39 to his 16:35 versus our 16:45 target. Both came in under target with some considerably tough headwinds.

We plodded home the final 2.5 and my legs were well and truly gone – the mileage of the last 11 days, probably the last 5 weeks have finally caught up with me. Simkiss is off to a Spanish high performance humidity training centre for 7 days now prior to the relays while I am going to work.


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