10k Training – Week 1, Session 3 – 2 hour TOF

17 miles – 2:00:00 – 7:05m/m

Well what a difference ‘some time’ makes.

We last set out to run two hours on 29/08 and ended up running 16.3 miles where I nearly died at 13 miles and was saved by a local shop and a swig of water. Although this was completed with much more ease, considerably more – I still nearly died due to water shortage.

Up until 7.5 miles it was all going fine and then all of a sudden I was overcome with a desire to drink water. Remembering an old watering hole(A pub in Warwick) was situated opposite an old watering hole, I felt fine safe in the knowledge there was some drinking water at 10 miles. What a soul destroying feeling to find it padlocked up, heart breaking. I now know exactly what it must be like to live in a third world country in a village thousands of miles from clean running water, having to trek hundreds of miles to stave off cholera ridden water. As the sun beats down on their exposed skin, the pain and anguish they must feel day in day out was all over my face for that long 17 minute strive to the padlocked tap.

Fortunately I was 10 yards from a barge full of hippys getting drunk who passed me a glass of water.

I think my high caffeine diet in corporate conglomerate coffee chains is perhaps impacting on my hydration, I wonder if this is actually the root cause of the problem in Africa and Bob Geldof needs to redirect his charity funding away from installing a water infrastructure and instead close down the raft of ‘Costa’ and ‘Starbucks’ that perhaps flood the plains of Africa? Makes you think doesn’t it.


A mimble along the canal and a little hilly ramble through the back of Whitnash and the two hour  trot was complete and we hit 56 miles for the first 5 days. A good start.


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