10k Training – Week 1: Session 1 – 7x1km @ 10km Pace

Training for MCKEP 10k PB attempt(s) got underway today – McCarthy already deciding he was better than the training schedule by demanding he went out for a morning 5km Trot. Simkiss disagreed, but not wanting to be out-trained, or wrong – decided to cycle to work instead.

The duo decided to grace the Edmonscote athletics track (Leamington Spa) with their presence for the first session of a focussed 8 week block.

Session Target:

2mi Warmup
7 x 1km in 3:15 (5:14/mi pace), 2min recovery
2mi Cool Down

Session Outcome:

2.02mi @ 6:49/mi

1km in 3:15
2:00 recovery
1km in 3:13
2:02 recovery
1km in 3:13
2:02 recovery
1km in 3:12
1:57 recovery
1km in 3:12
2:01 recovery
1km in 3:10
2:04 recovery
1km in 3:03

2.05/mi @ 8:02/mi

Reps were led alternately by Simkiss and McCarthy – A good start to the schedule, whilst faster than targeted this wasn’t considered OTT since the first session was also intended to be comfortably within current ability.

Management of calf tightness is crucial for Simkiss ahead of Wednesday’s session – no doubt McCarthy has something to moan about too.


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